Proper Drumming Posture

By Marcus McReynolds - Oct 26 , 2018

Posture is one of the most important principles when learning to play an instrument, and that certainly includes learning how to play the drums. Good posture is very important when learning how to play the drums, just as it is for every instrument. You may not consider posture very important when it comes to the drums because a lot of the music comes from your hands and feet, but your posture greatly influences the sound that comes from your drums. So, let’s talk about why it’s especially important to maintain good posture while playing the drums.

Incorrect posture while learning how to play the drums can lead to many bad habits and result in a lot of pain down the road. Many people have found that not learning the correct posture inhibits them from actually hitting the skins of the drums properly, which really changes the sound produced.

If you play a drum kit rather than a snare drum in a marching band, your largest complication comes from having good posture in your back since there is no back to your stool. If you’re learning how to teach the drums, it’s vital that you stress this point from the beginning. Keeping proper back posture prevents a lot of back injuries that will result in a lot of pain while drumming. This pain often interferes with the effectivity of your practices and can inhibit your ability to participate in long performances.

Sitting Up Straight

Sitting with your back slouched can cause a lot of problems to your health, and is overall very detrimental to your skeletal system, and likewise to the longevity of your drumming career. Learning how to play the drums involves many steps, but this may be the most important. Sitting up straight may not directly hinder your musical ability, but it can make simple movements more difficult than necessary when learning how to play the drums.

Sitting at the Correct Height

Adjusting your chair to the right height is often overlooked by many when learning how to play the drums. Learning a new instrument can always feel a little awkward, so we don’t seem to notice how our seat height is influencing how we play. When sitting, you should make sure that your knees are between a 90-110 degree angle, and your feet should be comfortably placed on the floor or the pedals. If you are learning how to teach the drums, familiarize yourself with how to adjust your stool, and help your students do so prior to every rehearsal.

Arm Posture

Since the majority of what people see when you play your instrument is your posture, it’s important that every part of your body has good posture, even your arms. When learning how to play the drums you should practice relaxing your arms by loosening the joints in your shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Doing so will give you more control over your instrument.

Marching Band Drummers

Now, you can still adopt all of these tips when learning how to play the drums in the marching band. Standing up perfectly straight looks better and causes less tension on the rest of your body. If your drums are heavy, your posture is even more essential. Keeping your arms loose and relaxed also still allows you to better play your instrument and overall looks better. If you have questions about your posture as you learn how to play the drums, you should consult with your band director.

Good posture when playing the drums is absolutely essential, we can’t stress it enough! Better posture not only looks better and gives you an air of confidence, but it also greatly influences how well you can play your instrument, no matter the occasion. It’s important to always make sure that you have proper posture so that you can create good habits, and not have to constantly worry about it. Do your body a favor and stand or sit up straighter at your next practice!