The Difference Between Learning from a Professional vs. a YouTuber

By Marcus McReynolds - Nov 07 , 2018

This blog is meant to address the differences between learning how to play an instrument from a Youtuber vs. the professionals on Musician’s Toolkit. We will talk about the benefits of learning from a professional and the cons that come from trying to learn from your average joe on YouTube.

Learning how to play an instrument can be intimidating, and to someone who has never taken a music class, it can be hard to know what your best option is for learning how to play the guitar. Do you sign up for lessons at the nearest music shop? Do you use YouTube? Do you pay for online music lessons? With several options out there, you can find yourself not knowing what the best choice is. As a musician, you have to look for ways to not only learn efficiently but learn effectively.

Today, there are countless resources available to help musicians learn how to play their favorite instrument. From online music courses to tutorials on YouTube and the traditional music classroom, there is a method for everyone. However, just because there are various ways to learn how to play the guitar, doesn’t mean that they’re all going to be helpful. Traditional music lessons can be efficient, but they can also be expensive, not to mention the scheduling isn’t always the most convenient. So, in this case what do you do? To many aspiring musicians, YouTube sounds like the next big thing. A free video sharing platform where you can find hundreds upon hundreds of video tutorials on how to play the guitar sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well unfortunately, it is. While you can rely on YouTube for thousands of hours’ worth of entertaining videos, you shouldn’t rely on the platform to be your source of online music lessons. Anyone and everyone can upload videos to YouTube, making it hard to find a good quality lesson; you can find yourself watching videos by people who may not really know what they’re doing, leading to more confusion on your part and making you feel as if there just isn’t a way to learn how to play the guitar. When it comes to learning how to play your favorite instrument, you shouldn’t have to dig through thousands of videos just to find the needle in the haystack.

What if we told you that there was an affordable and reliable way to learn how to play the guitar from the comfort of your own home? With Musician’s Toolkit, you don’t have to worry about learning from someone who just picked up a guitar themselves, and you certainly don’t have to worry about trying to fit your lessons into your busy schedule. With Musician’s Toolkit, you can learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry, all at your own pace, on your own time and at an affordable cost.

What You Get from Learning Through a YouTuber

We want to break this down for you so that you understand the differences between learning from an amateur musician on YouTube, and a professional one at Musicians Toolkit. On YouTube, you’re going to pull up thousands upon thousands of videos when you look up “how to play the guitar”. One of the many things you’ll get from trying to learn the guitar through YouTube are inexperienced “teachers”. Not only will you waste your time watching these videos, but your also bound to get confused and in turn become frustrated.

If you rely on YouTube for your online music lessons, you’re going to struggle to truly grasp important concepts and techniques that you could be learning with the help of a professional guitarist.

What You’ll Gain from Musician’s Toolkit

On the other hand, you have Musician’s Toolkit, a musician’s best friend. Through our online music courses, you’ll be learning everything from playing your instrument, to music theory and even how to make it in the music industry. The best part of it all is that you’re not going to find yourself scratching your head in confusion while watching our videos, because we only offer content from professional musicians in the music industry. Through our lessons, you’ll see yourself improving quickly and enjoying the time you spend playing your instrument.

If you’re skeptical about the instructors on our site, we want to assure you that you won’t be dealing with any average musician. We go through a rigorous screening process when it comes to our instructors, and we only recruit experienced professionals for our lessons. For example, one of the most famous instructors we’ve worked with might be someone you know. He’s from a popular band called Imagine Dragons, and his name is Dan Reynolds. Pretty cool, right? And, when we aren’t working with mainstream artists, we tend to stick with university level professors, as well as engineers with out-of-this-world portfolios. Rest assured, you’re going to be learning everything you need to know about your instrument and more.

Now, though we’ve been using learning how to play the guitar as an example, the possibilities on what instruments you can learn on Musicians Toolkit are endless. You want to learn how to play the piano from a renowned pianist? You can do that through our platform. For those who want to learn how to play the saxophone like Kenny G., we’ve also got you covered. There isn’t an instrument lesson you won’t find on Musician’s Toolkit, from the trumpet drums and everything in between, we’ve got it all.

So, if you’re still trying to learn how to play the guitar from some random YouTuber, head over to our website. We promise that you’ll see the difference between them and one of our many professional instructors right away. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start learning, the right way, from the right person.



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